2021 SBU #PowerOf11

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#PowerOf11 | South Bronx United's annual fundraising and awareness campaign

June 1 - 11, 2021

The #PowerOf11 is...
11 student-athletes working together on the soccer field supported by their coaches, mentors, and tutors
11 SBU Academy Class of 2021 seniors sharing how they overcome in this most challenging year.
11 days to raise $150,000 to level the playing field.

How can you be a part of the #PowerOf11?
1. Over 11 days in June, share the stories of how the SBU Academy Class of 2021 has overcome in this pandemic year.

‚Äč2. Contribute $11 or more to South Bronx United youth and community programs.

3. Sign-up as a Team Captain, committing to raise at least $121 by sharing daily content and inviting at least 11 people to donate $11 or more on your campaign page.  Share your SBU story and start raising funds.
Special Thanks!

Thank you to the William E. Simon Foundation and a group of anonymous donors who have pledged a 1:1 match the first $25,000 raised.

We Stand United for Change
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Recent Donations

  • Jason Bershatsky $50.00
  • Karissa Downer $100.00
  • Madi Bedema $25.00
  •  Gnim Bazim $11.00
  •  Precious Agyeman-Badu $25.00
  • Mary Schneider $100.00
  • June Doyle $50.00
  • Pedro Acosta $11.00
  • Thibaut Dupuy $50.00
  • Anonymous $25.00