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SBU Youth Council 2019

SBU Youth Council 2019

The SBU Youth Council is made up of middle and high school students, the captains and student-athlete representatives on each respective travel program team in the SBU Academy program. We meet at least once per month to discuss challenges with our teams and within the program and provide input and ideas to help South Bronx United improve. We also engage in volunteering activities and program events.

South Bronx United provides us with a family and a change to improve on the soccer field and in the classroom. We hope you will support our organization. Every dollar the Youth Council raises will go a Youth Council Leadership Trip and plans to promote our #StandAgainstRacism campaign statewide.

You can contribute any amount but we would love you to give at least $11!

Stephanie Acosta (GU19)
Staisy Barrera (GU14)
Amaris Carrillo (GU19)
Meredith Cazales (GU16)
Abdaly Chavez (BU14)
Axel Chavez (BU17)
Elyza Colon (GU14)
Chris Green (BU15)
Brad Hernandez (BU17)
David Kamara (BU16)
Yankuba Konteh (BU16)
Javi Lopez (BU16)
Jovani Lorenzo (BU15)
Jennifer Oliveros (GU16)
Osvaldo Rodriguez (BU15)
Jennifer Torres (GU14)
Jesus Vazquez (BU14)
Alexis Vidal (BU19)
Atcha Yaya (BU15)


#PowerOf11 Day 2: Yankuba Konteh

#PowerOf11 Day 1: Stephanie Acosta

The #PowerOf11

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1. LRLaura Isabella Robertson
For David Kamara, U16 Player.
2. MMMs. Malloy
For David Kamara u16 player
3. JMJoshua W Modeste
This is to support David Kamara U16 Player.
4. ?Anonymous
Youth Council, Keep up the Great Work!